Dismal Days with Kath Parker

This past weekend, Kath Parker and I made a trip down to the Great Dismal Swamp for a day of canoeing and catching up. We paddled a few miles deep into a remote section of the swamp and pitched camp… Continue Reading →

Previously unavailable, “Trails” has been added to my shop as a limited edition print. 12×18 giclee print on heavy watercolor paper. Featuring my good friend Hannah Elvington


This past year has been a year of big changes for me during which I’ve had very little time for creative projects, illustration or otherwise. As i’m writing this, I’m aware that I’m still living through huge changes and that… Continue Reading →

Chalk drawing for Grow

Just finished this Chalkboard canvas for Grow interactive with some help from Rachel Swanson. When i was asked to do the chalkboard canvas, i went through several sketches trying to find a good image that would translate well to being drawn white… Continue Reading →

Nightmare Island

You’ll never come back from Nightmare Island. Saturday afternoon I headed out to a secluded Island in the chesapeake bay with a few friends. The 5 of us had an amazing afternoon, set up camp, got a fire going. Cooked… Continue Reading →

Featuring the ever so talented, Miss Soey Milk Print available here.

“Jessine” featuring Jessine Hein who is an amazing artist, cook and friend. Prints are available here.

I’m doing a smaller size rerelease of “Undead Rising” Available here.

On art and antidepressants.

When I share with people that I’m on antidepressants I’m usually greeted with either surprise or quiet confession “I’m on them too. What do you take.” I forget what stigma seems to persist against medical treatment for depression. In my… Continue Reading →

Tastes like dying.

Moormans River, Shenandoah, VA

Exploring the Moormans River near Crozet, VA with Rachel. The previous night there had been a flash flood making the water run heavy. Most of the trails along the river bank had transformed into small streams. [ google map ]

A day in Pungo

A day with Brittney on the Inter-coastal Waterway in Pungo, Virginia Beach, VA. Also known as backwater, also known as where all the snakes live.

Authentic Adventure

We like to think that adventures used to be more real, more raw, more authentic. We see old photos of our parents on road trips across the desert and pour over the rich orange colors of the time ravaged film…. Continue Reading →

Weldon NC and Back

A day trip with Rachel to see the bridges of Weldon, also known as the day Rachel scared the life out of me with her fearless bridge climbing skills.

Dumpling Island

On a rainy day in March I took off with my good friend Allison for a trek up the Nansmond River headed for Dumpling Island.

“The Star” for the Tarot Under Oath art book and show. Model Credit: Rachel Dashae

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